Our values

Redefining the digital landscape with care, trust, and innovation.

Our core

At our core, we embrace humanity, trust, and professionalism. These guiding principles shape our relationships and define our work culture. Prioritizing our team’s well-being, fostering open communication, and committing to professionalism, these values are more than words to us—they’re the essence of who we are and how we operate.

Syde is open


At Syde, it’s all about putting people first – it’s at our core. Making individuals a priority fuels our ambitions and maximizes the impact we create.


We take pride in what we do, ensuring it never hinders our progress. Quite the opposite – our pride stems from the ability to consistently share ideas, provide solutions, and offer a helping hand.


Our community sees us as the go-to folks for problem-solving, no matter how big or small. Being the best, we love sharing our code – it’s how we all grow, making the web a better place.

Ideals that define our values


We highly value mutual care and consideration within our team. We appreciate team players who see the group’s success as integral to their own and prioritize achieving collective goals over individual assertions.


Trust is a precious asset, serving as the foundation for successful collaboration. We cultivate trust through honesty and mutual assistance, considering it the cornerstone of our open-source philosophy.


We are solution-oriented, aligning our work with our client’s ideas. By addressing challenges professionally and taking accountability for our work, we consistently deliver optimal solutions.

The foundation of our cooperation

Respect & Appreciation

We recognize that each individual is the foundation of our community. That is why we value and appreciate each other for who we are, regardless of our positions of responsibility.

Tolerance & Team Player

We value mutual tolerance and team players. Fairness, acceptance, and respect are essential for a healthy and productive team dynamic. We understand that individual contributions benefit the community, and we aim for the community to support the well-being of each individual.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is indispensable for remote work because misunderstandings can lead to bad moods in the team and end up costing valuable time. Therefore, as a remote company, we pay special attention to good communication.

Our standards, our way


We believe that happy, balanced individuals make the strongest team members. That’s why we’re continuously exploring new ways to enhance the inner fulfillment of all Syders, whether they’re at work or enjoying their personal lives.

Embracing Accountability

Masters are made, not born. Mistakes can and do happen to everybody. We deal openly and promote learning from them.


We aim to lead, not follow. That’s why we’re committed to the ongoing education of all Syders and promote learning for ourselves, alongside and from each other.