Payment Gateways for WooCommerce

  • Scalable performance
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Dedicated vendor support

Secure transactions and seamless experiences for you and your users

Are you planning to bring your payment solution to one of the biggest e-commerce platforms with more than 40% global market share? Syde expertise can help you provide a custom integration for online stores using WooCommerce. Our products team offers full support from start to finish, including strategy, integration, and ongoing maintenance.

Continuous improvement and quality assurance for stress-free releases

WooCommerce payment integrations built by Syde are used by hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the globe, processing millions of transactions every day. When hundreds of thousands of vendors rely on your payment solution to “just work,” there is very little room for error. We leverage automated tests and quality assurance to ensure the highest level of reliability for every new version of your product.

In-house vendor support

Syde has a team of dedicated product support specialists to help vendors who encounter issues with their payment integration. These direct interactions help us improve your plugin and enhance customer trust and satisfaction so that you can focus on developing your payment product’s unique features.

As certified Platinum WooExperts, Syde has collaborated with some of the biggest payment providers in the ecosystem. With ten years of experience building payment integrations for WooCommerce, we ensure your gateway is secure, performant, and user-friendly: a perfect match for your payment product and services.

[Inp]syde delivers outstanding work and creativity with Mollie. Their integration of Mollie with the Cart and Checkout Blocks, strong community involvement, and the broad applicability of their solution have set them apart from their peers.”

WooCommerce Awards 2023 report (source)

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