Content Migration

Moving your entire website to a new server or platform with minimal downtime.

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Your current publishing solution is keeping you from creating the online experiences you want.

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Give your team a fresh start and an efficiency boost by moving your content to WordPress with Syde.

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Let our experts perform your migration, ensuring content quality and compliance before launch.

Migration services
tailored to your needs

Are you considering a relaunch with WordPress as your new CMS?
Do you want to rely on our WordPress engineering expertise, or do you already have a technology partner?
These migration services ensure a successful transfer of your valuable content.

Content audit &
migration strategy

We analyze your content and create a strategic roadmap to transfer your content to the new platform.

content migration

If your technology partner cannot offer migration support, you can hire our specialists to prepare your content for the relaunch.

quality assurance

After the migration, our team performs content quality checks to cover SEO, legal compliance, and web accessibility.

Why should you
migrate with Syde?

There are many reasons to enlist the support of our
WordPress content migration specialists.
Here’s a selection:

Quality & compliance

Our quality assurance processes ensure that your content meets technical and legal requirements.


We follow best practices for URLs and content structure to preserve your SEO rankings.

Dedicated support

Content specialists are available across time zones to directly identify and resolve issues.

Operational efficiency

Our approach is tailored to your content and the specific needs of your organization, reducing your time-to-market.

Why migrate to WordPress?

Do you feel blocked by your current publishing solution?
These are some of the biggest benefits of switching to WordPress:

  • Improve time-to-publish for great content with WordPress’ intuitive and flexible editing interface
  • Reduce costs by moving away from recurring license fees
  • Say goodbye to vendor lock-in with the world’s most-used open-source CMS

Migration strategies

As we develop the migration strategy for your content,
we consider automatic and manual processes — or a combination of both.
This depends on the types of content and the technical requirements.
Here is a breakdown of the advantages of each strategy:


  • Optimized performance
  • Large quantities of content
  • Suitable for simple, structured content
  • Minimized human errors


  • Precision and control
  • Flexibility to improve content quality and SEO
  • Suitable for complex content types
  • Immediate problem-solving

Unifying 100+ science blogs for Spektrum

Learn how we helped one of the most important German-speaking publishers of popular science journals migrate their science blogging community to a unified platform.

Are you thinking about switching to WordPress?