Content Migration

Optimized processes to ensure content consistency between platforms

What is content migration?

Content migration is the process of transferring content from one system or storage to another. It involves careful planning, execution, and validation to ensure the integrity and functionality of the data in the new environment. It’s a complex operation requiring expertise in handling diverse databases, platforms, and structures.

Content check

We provide comprehensive advice on migration possibilities, advantages, and disadvantages, by checking interfaces and your current data.

Content migration

We migrate all relevant data stocks to WordPress without downtime and data loss thanks to our straightforward and transparent migration and security concept, schedule, and fixed contact persons.


After a successful migration of the content, your teams can seamlessly move to the new system.

6 Reasons to work with Syde

  1. Expertise and experience 
    • Benefit from our agency’s extensive experience and skilled professionals specializing in migrating websites to WordPress.
  2. Thorough migration planning 
    • Our migration planning process involves a detailed analysis of your current hosting environment, data, and security, ensuring a tailored and risk-minimized migration.
  3. Personal technical support 
    • Enjoy dedicated technical support to address any issues that may arise during or after the migration process.
  4. Competitive pricing
    •  Our pricing isn’t just a number; it reflects our commitment to delivering top-notch service without breaking the bank.
  5. High-quality migration process 
    • We don’t just move your content; we execute the migration with finesse, ensuring everything lands seamlessly.
  6. Post-migration considerations 
    • We’re not here for a one-time gig; we’re committed to the long haul. Beyond the migration, we act as guardians, ensuring your website remains vibrant and trouble-free.

Manual vs Automatic

Precision and controlHigh level of precision and control over content transfer.Lack of precision: May not achieve the same level of control.
Content qualityEnables content optimization and quality assurance.Quality assurance: May not ensure the same level of optimization.
Design consistencyEnsures design, layout, and formatting resemble the original.Limited customization: less flexibility in customization.
CustomizationGreater flexibility in customizing content for the platform.Potential for issues: may not handle all nuances of a complex structure.
Problem-solvingImmediate addressing of any issues or inconsistencies.Less human error: reduced likelihood of human errors.
User Acceptance
Testing (UAT)
Allows clients to verify correctness before finalizing.
and SEO
More hands-on approach to addressing concerns.
Smooth transitionMinimizes disruption during transition to the new platform.
Time-consumingMore time-consuming compared to automated methods.Efficiency: generally faster and suitable for large volumes.
Resource-intensiveRequires more human resources and meticulous attention.Simplicity: requires less manual effort, making it simpler.
ComplexityIntricate large-scale websites with complex structures.Suitable for standard cases: works well for straightforward migrations.
Pros and cons of manual migration

Move all data to WordPress, carefully preserved

We know all content management or shop systems like the back of our hands, so whichever one you have relied on so far ‒ we can move your digital data reliably.

Our case study on data migration

“Spektrum der Wissenschaft Verlagsgesellschaft mbH” is one of the most important German-speaking publishers of popular science journals and content. Their publishing portfolio includes the monthly magazines “Spektrum der Wissenschaft”, “Gehirn und Geist”, “Sterne und Weltraum”. This portfolio also includes the weekly digital publication “Spektrum die Woche” and various digital offerings and platforms. Their knowledge portal is the portal with the broadest reach in the popular science segment.

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