DLH-Foundation: Website Relaunch

Project Details

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“We are glad to have found a reliable partner in [Inp]syde, whose expertise will certainly continue to accompany us!”

Cornelia Kern – Member of the Board DLH-Foundation

The Project

Relaunch of the DLH-Foundation Website with WordPress

Goal: Interactive, barrier-free, and responsive website with room for creative freedom

It has been Syde’s task to revamp the old, Typo-3-based foundation website. The objective was to create an online presence that would offer transparent and professional information about the foundation’s work. Moreover the new website needed to show how the foundation supports individual patients and organizations. Thus generating more interest in their work in the public domain. Furthermore the website should encourage people and organizations to provide the foundation with financial and, more importantly, moral support.

The Client

DLH-Foundation – Support That Arrives

Around 35,000 people contract a malignant blood disease or a disease of the lymphatic system in Germany each year. The “Stiftung Deutsche Leukämie- & Lymphom-Hilfe” — DLH (German Foundation for Leukemia & Lymphoma Support) offers various targeted help and support services for sufferers. The DLH-Foundation is a non-profit organization with solely charitable aims. The center of their work is the support of self-help as well as the financial support for individual, extreme cases. Additionally, the foundation supports research.

The Solution

Migration from Typo3 to WordPress

In order to ensure maximum user-friendliness on both sides – both for the website administration and visitors with different needs – the Foundation has decided to convert the website to the user-friendly WordPress.

The Result

A Fresh and Easily Customizable Website

The result is a fresh and lively WordPress website, where visitors can contribute with comments and there are almost no limits to the creative scope.

“[Inp]syde created the basic architecture for the new site in line with our specifications and migrated the content from the previous site. The [Inp]syde team was there to support and assist us throughout the entire process. We also entered into a maintenance contract with [Inp]syde. We want to be sure that our WordPress installation and all plugins are always up to date and that we have seamless support.”

Cornelia KernMember of the Board DLH-Foundation

We recommend Syde, because…

“We got to know [Inp]syde as a company whose employees display incredible professionalism and flexibility. Any queries and requests were handled quickly. All in a very friendly manner, pointing out solution approaches we would never have thought of on our own. We are very happy to have found a reliable partner in [Inp]syde. We look forward to profiting from their expertise for a long time to come!”

Cornelia KernMember of the Board DLH-Foundation

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