MarketPress: Multisite with WooCommerce

Multilingual WordPress Multisite with integrated WooCommerce shop and data migration

Project Details

Our Services: Development Support, Conception, Multilingualism, Multisite Network, Plugin, Refactor, Relaunch, Shop, Theme

“[Inp]syde has built up concentrated WordPress know-how and the German community from the beginning. [Inp]syde is the right fit for anyone in need of extensive knowledge in the field of WordPress and professional support for their individual projects.”

MarketPress Team – MarketPress GmbH

The Project

Design and Implementation of a WordPress Multisite Network for MarketPress

Goal: New website frontend with English language support and shop integration

MarketPress has existed for over 4 years, and has been operating on a WordPress basis since day one. It all began with an in-house shop implementation. It even took advantage with its relaunch by including the migration of all data to WooCommerce. In addition to that, the frontend was given a complete facelift. The project implementation was also multilingual with a WordPress Multisite, and other community offers like were integrated into the network.

The Client

MarketPress: Experts in the Fields of WordPress and WooCommerce

When you think about plugins and themes for WordPress and WooCommerce, MarketPress is a one-stop shop. This is the right address for anyone looking for high-quality add-ons for the German market. The offered products have already been downloaded more than 5 million times to date. The agency has been right there alongside WordPress since its conception. And it has helped to promote it in Germany.

The Solution

Multilingual WordPress Multisite with Integrated WooCommerce Shop

With the help of a WordPress Multisite the project was extended to English language pages. All community offers and pages can be offered and managed via a central multisite network, including the new WooCommerce shop.

The Result

High Performance and Clean Data Structure

“The concept, the project plan, and the infrastructure of the project were developed with [Inp]syde. [Inp]syde took over the implementation. Above all, the exchange of information and the close cooperation were very helpful to successfully implement the project. The result is a fast webshop with WooCommerce and a clean data structure.”

MarketPress Team – MarketPress GmbH

We recommend Syde because …

“We will be able to carry out further developments and maintenance ourselves, as [Inp]syde created a test and deployment environment for exactly that purpose. [Inp]syde has incredible WordPress know-how and has helped build the German community from day one. The [Inp]syde team is just what you need if you are looking for comprehensive WordPress knowledge and expert support for your individual project.”

MarketPress Team – MarketPress GmbH

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