Smashing Magazine: Data Migration & Multisite

Project Details

Our Services: Audit, Consulting, Development Support, Conception, Multisite Network, Performance Optimization, Refactor, Maintenance

“If you are looking for professionalism and endless know-how in the field of WordPress and web development in general, you will find it here.”

Marco Hengstenberg – Smashing Media AG

The Project

Multisite Server Relocation with Database Migration, Security and Performance Audits, and Backend Optimization for Smashing Magazine

Goal: Secure website with high performance, responsive design, and individual user roles

Syde conducted various audits regarding the security and performance of the entire website. Furthermore Syde provided consulting and concepts. This included, for example, the revision of the navigation concept for the mobile and responsive area, as well as, many other requirements, determined by constant exchanges with Smashing Magazine.

The support and the migration of Smashing Magazine to a new server was also done in collaboration with Syde. Therefore, the server configuration was coordinated, a migration of the data structure was made, the existing data was moved to a new database, and the entire project management was planned. Syde also adapted the structure and implementation of the rights system for editors and authors to the Smashing Magazine’s requirements.

Syde also took over the regular maintenance, support, and updating of the system.

The Client

Smashing Magazine: The Largest Online Magazine Worldwide

Around 180,000 unique visitors per day, mainly professional web designers and developers, use the magazine. Smashing Magazine has more than 2,400 articles, 402 pages, 215,000 comments and one or two new articles every day. It had grown using various WordPress installations over the years. Because of this, Syde migrated everything to one WordPress entity, a so-called Multisite, managing to improve the data structure.

The Result

High Performance and Professional Data Structure

The results were multifaceted. You can see the end result here — a widely available, high-performance WordPress platform with an improved data structure.

We recommend Syde because …

“We definitely recommend [Inp]syde. To document our collaboration, Smashing Magazine and [Inp]syde gave an interview (in German) to Upload Magazine in 2014.”

Marco Hengstenberg – Smashing Media AG

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