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“At [Inp]syde you are in professional hands. The project conception and development is impressive and the cooperation trustworthy!”

Juliane Schröder – Data Analyst SPORT1

The Project

Podcast Portal for SPORT1

Goal: Flexible and intuitive platform for podcasts on various topics

SPORT1 has many different podcast formats in its program: From classic subjects, such as, football or ice hockey, to lifestyle topics. And many more formats are planned. What had been missing so far for the successful podcasts was a common home – which has now been created with

The challenge was to create a platform that could be used intuitively by users and that fits seamlessly into the corporate design of SPORT1. The demand for a perfect result was high because the user should hardly notice the change to the business page.

The portal is an initiative of SPORT1’s New Business division and a platform for the media company’s diverse podcasts. A flexible platform was needed that would allow the company site to develop at the same speed as the fast-paced media business.

“Everything went fantastically smooth. The project was implemented super fast and was a great start for our further cooperation!”

Juliane Schröder – Data Analyst SPORT1

The Client

SPORT1 — Germany’s Leading 360° Sports Platform

The leading 360° sports platform in German-speaking countries stands for high-quality live sports, proven sports expertise, and well-founded, and entertaining reporting. The umbrella brand SPORT1 is embodied by Sport1 GmbH, a Constantin Medien AG company, which combines all free and pay-TV, online, mobile, audio, and social media activities. SPORT1 now also demonstrates the diversity of the sports landscape on its new podcast portal, which was implemented in cooperation with Syde.

The Solution

Portal on WordPress Base with Host Integration

WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) is the ideal solution for such a portal. Because different podcast hosts can be integrated into the CMS and it is easy to use.

“We can implement the content ourselves in the CMS, nobody needs an IT degree for that.

How powerful WordPress really is has surprised and excited us! With customization by the right agency everything is possible.”

Juliane Schröder – Data Analyst SPORT1

And the results are impressive: with a good search engine ranking of 10,000 page views and 17,000 listeners in the first 4 weeks.

We recommend Syde because …

“… you find yourself in professional hands. The project conception and development are impressively fast and the cooperation trustworthy!”

Juliane Schröder – Data Analyst SPORT1

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