Besides translations, Eurotext meets many multilingual websites’ requirements. These are, for example, SEO translations, keyword research in the target market, or international UX testing. Moreover, Eurotext offers multilingual test purchases, the optimization of translation workflows, or the automation of processes.

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Eurotext: Search Engine Optimized Technical Translations for Industry, IT, and eCommerce

With more than 30 years of experience, over 4,000 native-speaking specialist translators, modern translation technologies and an in-house translation portal, Eurotext provides industry, IT, and e-commerce with ISO-certified specialist translations in over 50 different languages. As an all-round service provider in international language issues, Eurotext also offers multilingual search engine optimization, international UX testing, and supports customers in optimizing translation workflows.

With the translationMANAGER for WordPress, Websites and Online Shops Become Multilingual

To facilitate the internationalization of their websites and online shops, we have developed translationMANAGER for WordPress together with Eurotext, which links the content management system with Eurotext’s translation portal.

Thanks to the plugin, companies and online retailers can easily transfer articles, pages and individual content, from the WordPress backend to Eurotext, have them translated into over 50 languages and then automatically import them back into WordPress. In addition, translationMANAGER supports Multisite and MultilingualPress and thus also simplifies the translation of complex multilingual page networks.

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