Best WordPress plugins 2016? – Users rate our plugins

You want numbers, data and facts to see how the community rates our plugins? Here, we give you a short overview.

We’re thrilled, because you downloaded our plugins more than 2.3 million times in 2016! That’s an average of more than 43,700 downloads per week. We take these numbers as confirmation and motivation for our daily work. Your downloads prove that our plugins belong to the best WordPress plugins and have a good performance, which offer you, the WordPress community, a real added value.

Dear developer team thank you for such a great plugin! It is reliable, easy to install, has a lot of settings and functions just for free and just does what I need ? – @WORDPRESSKID – about BackWPup WordPress Backup Plugin.

We offer some of best WordPress plugins in 2016

BackWPup and Adminimize: Your most favorite plugins

Last year, our most downloaded plugin was BackWPup. With more than 1.3 million downloads, the BackWPup free version has a firm place in rankings about good wordpress plugins in 2016. It offers a save backup to private users’ websites. However, for professionals and private users wishing more flexibility concerning the repositories or wanting premium-support, BackWP Pro is the more ideal choice. You wonder which are the exact differences between both versions? Here, you find all answers.

There is no similar tool, which have the same fine-grain settings! Awesome Plugin and very helpful support! – @STEF1964 – about Adminmize.

Adminimize is a WordPress plugin by which you can asign individual user’s roles. In 2016, it was downloaded more than 411k times. Adminimize is especially practical for WordPress installations having more than one active author. One more popular plugin is Search and Replace  being downloaded round about 336k times last year. With Search and Replace, you can search for any content and replace it with another one.

Our most downloaded plugins were BackWPup and Adminimize.

i have to confess: this is truely one of the very best WordPress rss-feed plugins. Super easy to use and super-super powerful. You can do alot with this plugin. – @SAY_HELLO – about RSSImport.

A plugin becoming more and more popular is MultilingualPress (MLP). It’s the perfect solution for performant and SEO optimized multilingual websites. Because: MLP has no negative effect on the website’s speed and allows a lot of flexibility within the individual language sites. Especially in big projects and in many professional and well-known WordPress agencies, MultilingualPress is already firmly established.  Here, you can take a deeper look to all benefits. MLP can be downloaded for free from Maybe you want to buy professional technical support 24/7, too?

Users give very good ratings for our plugins.

You give best ratings – we say thank you!

Last year, our plugin review rating average was 4.6 of 5. The fact, that 86 % of your ratings had been 5-star is a special motivation. Thanks a lot!

Users gave lots of 5-star ratings for our plugins.

In 2016, you openend round about 480 support topics and we solved 80 % of it. Hopefully, we could answer all important questions? If not, simply ask again in WordPress’s support forum.

Really great plugin. I can’t believe this functionality is not built in to wordpress core. – @BOBBYCIRCLE – about Adminimize.

We are really happy that we could offer you one of the best WordPress plugins in 2016. Stay in contact with us! We want to offer further helpful, best WordPress plugins. Soon, there will be something new available for free. Wonolog is especially interesting for developers, the beta version is nearly ready for a release. Excited? Quite so! More information will follow soon!