We shape the future – together!

As one of the leading WordPress agencies in the world, we love solving our clients’ complex challenges with the best possible quality.

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Two Syders meeting again in during our on-site event in Madeira

Syde – Europe’s biggest WordPress agency!

Syde (formerly known as Inpsyde) was founded in 2006 – we exist nearly as long as WordPress itself and are Europe’s biggest WordPress Agency today and one of the world’s leading WordPress agencies. We have supported WordPress’s development, translation, and expansion and have implemented many challenging use cases over the last years. Today, we are incredibly proud to re-invent WordPress for our customers in the enterprise sector every day, with our international team consisting of more than 130 bright minds worldwide.

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Why work at Syde?

Satisfied employees are more successful. We give our best to create a positive atmosphere!

100% Remote Work

We work worldwide and 100% remotely! You don’t need to commute to an office and can flexibly arrange your workplace.

Professional environment

We work with the latest technologies and always find the best ideas in a joint exchange.

Training & Development

We allow you to participate in workshops and trainings, for your professional development.

Sydebar & Donut Meetings

We love working with people from different cultures and countries and maintain regular exchanges.

Hardware Budget

Each Syder has a hardware budget that can be used for hardware and office equipment.


We support you in attending WordCamps and other conferences.

Team Meetings

With a team meeting every 12-18 months, we bring all Syders together in one place for a great week of networking and workshops.

We are a strong team!

We are an international and globally operating team of experts and WordPress specialists. Our employees are our engine and the driving force for ideas, solutions and innovations.

130 Syders are already waiting for you!

Visit WordCamps and other events

Several times a year, WordCamps are a great experience for us to exchange ideas with the WordPress community and learn about the latest WordPress developments. Be it in person on-site or at virtual meetings. There are always exciting sessions, topics and speakers.

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More Information

Our team event

Every 12-18 months, we meet up at a common place to get to know each other better, celebrate our success, and lay the foundation for our work together during workshops and conversations.

Collaboration with great clients

Since our beginning, we are completely specialized in WordPress and have already implemented the most diverse use cases. Whether a corporate website, online store, or user platform – we know our WordPress like the back of our hand and are proud of our customers.

Do you want to be part of our team?

We are always looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and talented people who love WordPress!

Our Values

Our values define who we are and how we work together. They guide us and describe our identity. Our values are based on ideals that describe interpersonal relationships and how we work.


We value mutual carefulness and consideration. We hold in high esteem team players who consider the group’s success a key element to their success and focus on obtaining all goals, not just asserting their own.  


Trust is a precious asset and the foundation for a successful collaboration. We create trust with honesty and mutual help and see this as the basis of our open-source philosophy.


We are solution-oriented and align our work with our client’s ideas. We achieve optimal solutions because we deal with our problems professionally and take responsibility for our work.

Respect & Appreciation

Mutual respect is one of our principles. We understand the individual is the basis of our community. Therefore, we respect and appreciate each other as we are, independent of our position of responsibility.

Tolerance & Team Player

We cherish mutual tolerance and team players. Fairness, acceptance, and respect are essential for a healthy and productive team dynamic. We know that the individual’s work serves the community and strive for the community to provide for the individual’s well-being. 

Clear Communication

Clear communication is indispensable for remote work because misunderstandings can lead to bad moods in the team and end up costing valuable time. Therefore, as a remote company, we pay special attention to good communication.


Happy people at peace with themselves, their private lives, and work make the best employees. That is why we are always looking for new ways to promote the inner fulfillment of all Syders.

Owning Up to Mistakes

Masters are made, not born. Mistakes can and do happen to everybody. We deal openly with mistakes and try to learn from them.


We want to lead, not follow. That’s why we are committed to the continuing education of all Syders. In doing so, we learn not only for ourselves but with and from each other.

Do you want to be part of our team?

We are always looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and talented people who love WordPress!

Our open vacancies

We hope that you find the perfect position for you.

You have not found a suitable position, or have questions? Contact us via recruiting@syde.com!