Close to the community – BackWPup 3.3.7 fixes bugs

Dear community, thank you! You called attention to bugs and gave us critics concerning our latest version of BackWPup. We fixed it and included your feedback. Read all important information about BackWPup 3.3.7.

We always try to be close to the community and look for exchange. That’s the reason why we have a new version of BackWPup only a short time after our latest release. BackWPup 3.3.7 fixes bugs and includes ideas and wishes the community made. You can find all changes in our BackWPup blog in detail. In the following, we want to give you a short overview about all that is new.

BackWPup 3.3.7 fixes bugs

We had two little bugs in our latest version. One concerned automatically saved passwords not have been existing for some users anymore. The other issue was about the compatibility of older versions than PHP 5.4.

Dashboard widget

Our dashboard widget showing job vacancies has been quite discussed. Some of you really didn’t like it. Therefore, we listen to your critics and changed the widget to be more user friendly.

We search for beta testers

Because we want to include your feedback to develop BackWPup further, we search for you as beta testers. The more people look at our versions previously, the less bugs happen – logical, right? Moreover, we want to give you the possibility to give us your feedback before we change anything in our BackWPup versions as we like involve you. Interested? Click here to subscribe as beta tester.

PS: To all our italian users: BackWPup 3.3.7 Pro is available in Italian now!