DE{CODE}: The Ultimate Virtual Conference for WordPress Developers

Unlock Your WordPress Site's Potential with DE{CODE} : The Ultimate Virtual Conference

The DE{CODE} 2023 conference is over, but the learning doesn’t have to stop. WP Engine has made all recorded content available on its post-event landing page!

WP Engine’s 4th annual educational event and product roadmap showcase, DE{CODE} 2023, is now available on demand. The event featured keynote speakers like WP Engine Founder Jason Cohen, Director, Product Jason Konen, and Google Developer Advocate Sam Dutton, as well as a fireside chat with WordPress Co-founder Matt Mullenweg and Lead Architect of Gutenberg Matías Ventura.

Topics covered in the event included the future of WordPress, mastering site migrations, building headless sites with Atlas Blueprints, and simplifying payment processing in a shifting global economy.

The breakout sessions, Build Smarter, Modernize Experiences, and Maximize Conversions discussed the next generation of tools and resources for WordPress agencies, best practices for improving WordPress sites and WooCommerce stores, and harnessing the power of headless WordPress for creating decoupled websites. 

Session recordings are now available for those who missed a session they wanted to attend. Discover the latest trends in WordPress development and the product innovations expected from WP Engine in the coming year.

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