PHP Developer Enea Scerba

Enea is a lifelong learner who enjoys coding, photography, and powerlifting.

In this article, we want to introduce Enea Scerba, our PHP Developer. When Enea joined our agency as a Developer in April 2022, we asked her to answer a few questions to get to know him a little better.

This is Enea.

Enea lives in San Giovanni in Persiceto near Bologna, Italy.

Stunning sunset in Persiceto, Italy

How would you describe yourself?

I am a lifelong learner. I also have a few hobbies and interests.

I like photography, portraits to be precise; I’m not very good with landscapes.

I also enjoy strength training, so I spend time doing powerlifting in my home gym.

How do you spend your spare time?

It depends on the season and weather, but I usually like to code.

What is important to you?

My wife.

Enea’s way to Syde

I am self-taught in coding. I started focusing on music but was not too good at it. However, I was good with the computer and found coding much more fulfilling.

I knew Syders Giuseppe and Guido beforehand, and how they spoke of the company intrigued me, so I took a chance and submitted my application.

What do you especially like about your job?

This was the first time I worked with a company. It had always been freelance work for me.

I like having colleagues with whom I can exchange ideas and discuss work.

Questions to Syder Enea

We asked Enea a few personal questions to learn more about him:

What was the last book you read?

All books about Project Invictus are books for training.

What was the best advice you ever got? Who gave it to you?

“When you don’t know the path, follow your nose.” Gandalf the Grey, The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien.

What do you like most about your city?

Tortellini, lasagne, ragù, tigelle, I can go on and on.

What is the best meal you can cook on your own?

As an Italian, cooking is not a problem for me.

You get stuck in the elevator for many hours, and there’s a song playing in a continuous loop. What song would that be?

Even if it were the most beautiful song, I’d start to hate it.

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