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WordPress has risen to prominence in the ever-evolving landscape of web content management, transitioning from its roots as a tool primarily for bloggers and small traders to a leading Content Management System (CMS) of choice for global enterprises. Recognized brands such as The Times, Vogue, NASA, and the White House proudly power their online presence with WordPress. To delve into the how and why behind the adoption of this powerful platform by large organizations, a leading enterprise WordPress agency is gathering stats and insights that will be shared in an upcoming report.

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The State of Enterprise WordPress 2023 report, scheduled for release later this year, is poised to offer a comprehensive view of the advantages and challenges of the platform, as seen through the eyes of the expanding community of global brands that rely on it. In addition to exploring critical aspects such as budgets, publishing processes, and custom functionality, this report will shed light on why these organizations opted for WordPress, how they’ve expanded their capabilities, and what improvements they envision for the future.

 What’s in the Report:

  • Budgets: How much money do these big organizations put into their websites?
  • Publishing: What’s their secret to getting content online?
  • Custom Features: How do they make WordPress work for them?
  • Why WordPress: What makes them choose WordPress?
  • Future Ideas: What do they want to see in the future?

This report will not only help WordPress experts understand what big companies need, but it could also change the way WordPress works in the future.It is anticipated to provide the broader WordPress community with a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations of enterprise organizations and influence the shape of future features and platform updates.

“WordPress isn’t just for bloggers and small businesses anymore; it’s the thriving hub for global enterprises and organizations. The State of Enterprise WordPress 2023 report paves the way for a brighter future, where your feedback shapes the evolution of this powerhouse platform. Together and participating in the survey, we’ll ensure WordPress remains the unrivaled choice for enterprise brands, empowering innovation for years to come.”

Alex Frison, CEO of Inpsyde

To contribute insights to the “State of Enterprise WordPress 2023,” we invite enterprise organizations that utilize WordPress or have enterprise-level solutions to partake in a brief survey. Rest assured, all data provided will remain strictly confidential and be aggregated and anonymized for the report, which will be accessible to the public upon publication.

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