What does the Quality Assurance Team do?

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We want to introduce one of our teams at Inpsyde: Quality Assurance. This team deals with different topics at Inpsyde, such as testing, test management, or test automation.

Which work areas does Quality Assurance cover?

Depending on the team’s QA role, the QA tester is responsible for providing the overall quality of the project in question.

The process starts with the project launch, where the team gathers all the information and requirements, so one of the first tasks would be to challenge those requirements and learn about the project.

Then, the Quality Assurance person is responsible for test planning, test development, test environment and data setup, test execution (manual or automated), and bug reporting.

In addition, our QA testers are also responsible for test maintenance and various types of tests and reports during all phases of development.

Quality Assurance Analyst

As a QA Analyst at Inpsyde, you will be responsible for: 

  • Analyzing requirements
  • Creating and executing test plans, and test cases
  • Monitoring and maintaining existing test
  • Providing reports
  • Participating in project-level meetings 
  • Collaborate and communicate with technical and non-technical colleagues

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

Our QA Automation Engineers mainly deal with the following issues in their daily work: 

  • Creating and executing test plans, test cases and test scripts (manual/automated)
  • Monitoring and maintaining existing tests (manual/automated)
  • Working on the integration of the test framework into CI/CD
  • Providing reports
  • Participate in project-level meetings
  • Collaborate and communicate with technical and non-technical colleagues

There’s a way to do it better – find it.

Thomas Alva Edison

How important is communication?

Communication and transparency are very important to our QA team. We are in constant contact with all team members involved in the project itself. We also maintain close communication with the PO (Product Owner), the PM (Project Manager), or the stakeholder as we challenge and consult the requirements, using different tools or different testing approaches.

If something is not right , we escalate this and communicate it to the responsible person. During the development phase, we are in close communication with the developers, and make sure that, for example, the function is created in the right way and help the developers to troubleshoot and provide bug proofs.

What work tools are used?

Our QA testers use different tools during the testing process, both for manual and automated testing. There are many tools on the market. This presents a major challenge when it comes to choosing the right tool.

Here at Inpsyde we focus on using interconnected centralized tools that relate to each other for better transparency and easier development. This makes it easy to transfer information from one tool to another, especially when reports are needed.

For our daily work we rely on well-known tools such as:

  • Slack for communication
  • Jira for task and project management
  • Confluence for documentations 
  • Google Workspace for agile work
  • BrowserStack as a platform for cross-browser/device testing
  • Cypress for test automation
  • Docker for container orchestration
  • Github Actions for version control (Git) and CI/CD tools
  • Zoom for virtual meetings and calls 
  • Toggl for time tracking and billing of client projects

Quality is no accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin, English writer

What are the daily requirements in Quality Assurance? What skills are needed?


In our Quality Assurance team, written and verbal communication skills are particularly required, as well as a team-oriented attitude. This is because we need to be able to talk to colleagues internally at Inpsyde about technical topics and clients about their requirements or problems.

In addition, an independent way of working is essential because our QA testers have different projects that need to be identified. These must be proactively approached to keep our software quality at the highest level and optimize it.

Knowledge and mastery of standard tools, quality assurance methods, and test management are essential.


Daily challenges in Quality Assurance Jobs are constant and everywhere, but they also provide an opportunity to learn and improve both technical and soft skills.

When we built the QA department, we started by writing countless documentation and establishing all the processes and standards. While at the same time, we had to integrate all these testing processes into our existing development teams.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to change workflows and processes already in place or change the mindset and comfort level of others.

Continuing education

Continuing education is welcomed in our QA team. At Inpsyde, we have the opportunity to grow and learn. We are all encouraged to be proactive. This means that each team member has the freedom to be a Quality Assurance Manager for each project and work independently.

In doing so, each team member can assist with any lack of knowledge. Practicing the “proactive” team spirit helps motivate our QA team members not to be stuck in their roles but to learn new skills.

Also, we can take any course needed to improve or learn new skills. That’s a great thing!

Individual experiences of our Quality Assurance Team

We asked our QA testers for a personal insight into their daily work, which makes for exciting reading:

  • Daniel Fizešan, Inpsyde Quality Assurance Manager

    Daniel Fizešan
    Quality Assurance
    Manager / Team Lead

    Being a member of the Quality Assurance Team at Inpsyde has been a rollercoaster ride for me. There are always improvements, but we always manage to make the best of it, even if it’s small steps.

    As one of the first QA employees at Inpsyde, I have had and continue to face many challenges. But I like that, and it’s a great opportunity for me to learn and grow by stepping out of my comfort zone.

    On the other hand, I love the Inpsyde culture so much and genuinely feel welcomed and valued. Whenever my back was against the wall and needed help, it was always offered to me – whether from other colleagues or the C-level.

    At Inpsyde we work remotely and with many international cultures. This has shown me that the whole world can indeed be united and work together harmoniously.

  • Sabin Borka, Inpsyde Quality Assurance Analyst

    Sabin Borka
    Quality Assurance Analyst

    In my daily work as a QA Analyst, I mainly deal with requirement analysis, test coverage, and execution. For example, my job is to challenge the clients’ requirements and make sure that we develop the right product and in the right way. During the testing phase, I verify both functional and cosmetic scenarios and ensure that the user experience is clear and straightforward.

    It depends on the project but I usually have direct contact with the customer, for example, working with the product owner on the requirement analysis.I also work closely with our support and development teams at Inpsyde to fix bugs reported during test execution.

    In our QA team, everyone has their project review, but we always work and synchronize together as a team. I learn something new every day, which makes my job incredibly fulfilling. I’m looking forward to everything ahead and to progressing becoming a Quality Assurance Automation Engineer one day.

  • Siarhei Fokin, Inpsyde Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

    Siarhei Fokin
    Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

    My work consists, among other things, of the automated testing of WordPress plugins, themes, and websites. By developing the automated tests and covering most of the regression and smoke tests, we are speeding the software development process and  ensuring that the issues are detected in time. I use certain criteria to plan, develop, and execute the automated tests. I am also responsible for their maintenance.

    Knowledge of some programming languages is essential in our work as QA Automation Engineers, as we create and execute the scripts for automated tests.

    I love working in our QA team. My work is always appreciated here, and I can greatly contribute to the team and Inpsyde.

    Since Inpsyde is a WordPress-only agency, we try to keep up with all the trends in the WordPress world and make sure we deliver the best solutions. In the future, Inpsyde will be known for WordPress development services and WordPress testing services. That is our goal as QA testers.

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