Inpsyde becomes an International Agency

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Within one year: We became international, expanded and bundled competences. Read the whole review!

Inpsyde once began as a project, when Inpsyder Heinz gave a course at a university. One of the ideas was to make WordPress more popular in Germany and to further develop it. Since then, ten years have passed. Nowadays, we have become an international WordPress agency.

For us, it does not only mean executing multilingual projects with international companies. Living the web’s unlimited possibilities in our internal agency processes is, for us, also closely related to an international WordPress agency. For example, we could win several employees from all over the world. In this blog post, you can find an overview about our development as an international WordPress agency. Moreover, this blog post is the beginning of a series in which you can get in touch with Inpsyders personally.

Inpsyde focuses on Competence: Development since 2016

For a long time, we had a very close relationship to MarketPress. But while Inpsyde strove to a stronger focus on professional b2b enterprises, MarketPress wanted to establish itself further as a provider for plugins and themes. Therefore a separation between MarketPress and Inpsyde as two separate agencies had been the one and only choice to enable both to do their best in their specific field of work.

Due to the clear focus on professional b2b enterprises, we could, for example, strengthen our competencies for diverse WooCommerce enhancements. Our plugin for multilingual websites, MultilingualPress, and our experience in the field of multilingualism thereby guarantees the success of our multilingual websites or online shops.

As a WordPress VIP Partner and WooExperts Gold Partner, we don’t attest our quality by ourselves. Instead, we are knighted by WordPress and WooCommerce. And we’re really proud of that. To keep our status, we give our best every day.

International WordPress Agency: We’re at home all over the World

When our Italian colleague Giuseppe came to us last summer, it was not only our projects that were multilingual anymore. From one day to the next, we turned our agency life upside down and started speaking English. That meant, starting writing in common channels and having common calls in English.  For some, this had been a major change, for others, it’s been a piece of cake.

After our successful beginning into the English-speaking daily work routine, we started looking out for talents all over the world. This is only possible because as a web agency, we work one hundred percent remotely. That means that everybody has his or her workplace at his or her center of life. We have already won nine employees within one year, and two more will come to us soon.

Forecast: Things you can expect from Inpsyde

As before, we’re going to count on our expertise for multilingual projects and offer professional solutions for enterprise customers. Since we are involved into WordPress’s e-commerce development from the very beginning, we can deliver solutions for complex online shops. These are for example online shops with multisites, multilingualism and connections to third party systems like SAP.

Due to our steady exchange with WooCommerce and WordPress developers, we’re going to contribute in finding new solutions for well-known limits like huge online shops with more than 40,000 products or enhancements with SAP in future as well.

For our special requirements in our projects, we recruited experts for special work fields during the last months. For example, we could win database experts who can optimize databases with millions of articles as found on huge publisher and media websites. Moreover, we engaged WooCommerce specialists who already dealt with topics like performance and UX, SEO or Elastic Search. In addition, we strengthened our project management in order to be able to continue to look after our customers in partnership. Due to our growth with very experienced employees and our more than 10 years of existence as a professional WordPress agency, our already existing expertise is therefore growing constantly.

Our Employees

A company can only be as successful as its employees are competent, committed and creative. We are convinced that our resources lie in our employees. Moreover, we think that we can show best who we are as a WordPress agency by introducing the personalities of our employees. Get more information on our team page.