Inpsyders rewrite new WP Starter Version 3

As we want to give something back to the WordPress community, we rewrite WP starter and create a version 3.

To all developers out there: Inpsyders are working on a new WP Starter version 3 at the moment. For all who never heard about WP starter: WP Starter is a PHP library that eases the usage of WordPress with Composer. As we love open source, we always want to give something back to the community. So we decided we want to sponsor the further development of the library by giving our employees time to work on the next version of the library, version 3. This way, they don’t need to work on their open source projects in their private life time.

Inpsyder Giuseppe Mazzapica is the main maintainer of this project, but many colleagues support him. They do not only write code, they also help a lot by discussing, testing, and reviewing. So all in all, WP Starter version 3 will be a complete rewrite with many new features and improvements.

The work started in October, and Inpsyder Giuseppe works with good pace. Currently, WP Starter version 3 is in “alpha” status, the beta should be ready in the end of 2018. And the final release will be in the first months of 2019. But these dates are not set in stone yet.

For all who want to take a look at the project: It is developed in the “We Code More” GitHub organization. See here:

Support and further information about WP Starter Version 3

Do you want to help to further develop the new WP Starter version 3? Contributions are always very welcome. Take a look here for further information to contribute:

You’re interested in what WP Starter v3 can do? Check out the docs: However, they are not final, as v3 is in “alpha status”. And here’s the repository link:, and you can find the version 3 branch link:

If you want to find out more about the Inpsyder who makes all that great work, check out Giuseppe’s website: