Developer Judy Suwan

Bangkok from above at night
I knew that I could learn a lot in this company. So I decided to apply!

In this article, we want to introduce Judy Suwan, our Developer. When Judy joined our agency as a WordPress Engineer in June 2020, we asked her a few questions to get to know her a little better.

This is Judy Suwan

Judy is 31 years old and lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

Judy at the 1715 viewpoint in Doi Phu Kha National Park in Thailand with a wide view of the landscape.
Judy at Doi Phu Kha National Park

How would you describe yourself?

When I do something, I put all my effort into it to make it happen and to make everyone happy even if I can’t actually make them all happy. But I’ll always try my best. In general, I like to plan things in detail and make everything perfect. That’s why I am very organized and structured on the one hand but also can get too serious when things are not developing as expected on the other hand.

In general, it is very important to me to learn new things. I want to develop and prove myself and keep my mind busy. Maybe this is because my father often gave me challenges like e. g. repairing an old laptop. He didn’t know if I would be capable of doing it but he wanted me to try. In this way, I learned many things. Today, I can’t imagine doing the same things every day. I want challenges. That’s why work is especially important to me and the reason I love programming. There is always something new to learn.

How do you spend your spare time?

I like reading, especially crime fiction. One of my favorite authors is Chris Carter. I like these books where there is much to investigate and you don’t know what will happen next. I also like to watch movies and doing exercises.

I spend a lot of my time with my family and my dogs. I have four dogs, three Chihuahuas and one Jack Russell Terrier. It all began with the dog of my sister. When she got pregnant, I took her dog in order to take some pressure off her. But every time I had to leave the house without her, the dog started to whine. So, I bought another one to keep her company. In Bangkok, there is a pet festival every year where you can show your pets and adopt others. I really like to go there. And in the last years, I have always adopted a new dog. So, now I have four! 

When I have enough time, I love to relax on the beach. We have really many beaches in Thailand and my goal is to visit all of them. That’s my favorite way to recharge my batteries. I enjoy the sun, the fresh air and just relax. Mostly together with my friends or family, having BBQ in the evening, playing the guitar and singing.

Judy’s way to Syde

First, I wanted to study Microbiology but I saw that in Thailand, there are not many companies that offer work in this field. So, I decided to study Computer Science. And I am very happy that I made this decision. I enjoy programming and also bug fixing. Whenever I am able to solve a problem, I get a good feeling. Something has been done with a proper approach and that absolutely makes me feel happy! Programming never gets boring for me because I can always learn something new and face a challenge besides the routine tasks. 

Syde interested me in particular because of the distributed working system which isn’t common where I come from. You know, the traffic in Bangkok is unbelievable. I’m really happy that I don’t have to drive to work anymore. And, of course, WordPress! I started working with WordPress 5 years ago and I love the possibilities it offers due to its high customizability. It’s great to be able to work with WordPress on this professional level. After I learned more about Syde, I knew that I could learn a lot in this company. So I decided to apply! 

I really like at Syde that everyone is kind and willing to help with everything. There’s a high focus on code quality and a good programming structure. I look forward to learning and being able to have a better understanding of the tasks/projects, and also to new challenges to deal with.

Questions to Syder Judy

We asked Judy a few personal questions to give you the chance to learn more about her:

Who was your hero as a child?


What is the TV show you never miss?


Which job did you do when you were in school?

Coffee shop employee, proofreading, and booking store employee.

What is your midnight snack?

Coke Light.

What was the last book you read?

An Evil Mind from Chris Carter.

What is the best present you ever got?

An iPhone.

Do you have a favorite karaoke song?

This Will Be by Natalie Cole.

What is your favorite movie?

Dawn of the Dead.

Describe your ideal weekend.

Resting on a not too crowded beach with my family and dogs on a sunny day.

What is on your bucket list?

To visit all of Thailand’s beaches.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

To be an engineer but not anymore.

You get stuck in the elevator for many hours and there’s a song playing in a continuous loop, what song would that be?

Let it be by The Beatles.

Did you have a nickname?

It’s Judy. My mom gave it to me. I think she got inspired by her British employer.

What do you like most about your city?

Street foods.

What are you really good at?

Playing Thai instruments.

Have you ever met a celebrity in person?

Yes, I have. In Bangkok, you can see a lot of celebrities on the streets. When I see one, I try to get a picture. 

About what would your friends say “that’s typical you”?

Too serious.

Which of your favorite TV shows is not on the air anymore?


What is the best meal you can cook on your own?

Phat kaphrao (stir-fried and basil).

Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man?

None of them.

By the way: The Syde Team is 100% remote

This enables us to bring together the best minds in the world in one team. You want to learn more about our way of working and the Syders? Take a look inside Syde!