Mollie: New Work and Partnerships as a Recipe for Success

"It's not the clothes that do the business, it's the people."

The payment service provider Mollie is on the upswing. The modern company has been developing reliable and intuitive solutions for payment processing since 2004. Mollie impresses with simple integrations for many different online shop systems such as Shopware, Plentymarkets, WooCommerce, and Magento.

As an official WooExpert, Inpsyde supported Mollie in the development of the plugin Mollie Payments for WooCommerce. We are looking forward to many years of successful cooperation and took the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the company. In an interview with the senior partner managers of the DACH region Aleah Belluga and Morten Michelsen, we got to the bottom of Mollie’s success.

Mollie Team

A modern company on the upswing

Mollie was founded by Adriaan Mol – therefore the name. His goal was to create a convenient and uncomplicated payment solution for eCommerce. He developed and expanded Mollie over many years. Five years ago the team consisted of only 20 developers. Today the company has several locations with a total of 170 employees. About 40% of them are developers who are constantly working on making Mollie even better as a payment solution. The company’s growth is enormous: “Germany should be our most important market by 2020“, according to the Senior Partner Managers.

Der junge Adriaan Mol, Mollie-Gründer
The young Adriaan Mol, founder of Mollie

Mollie conquers the European market as one of the fastest-growing suppliers. We asked Mollie what their recipe for success is.

Mollie Team

How Mollie conquers Europe

Actually, Mollie’s success is easy to explain: The product is convincing!

As a payment service provider, Mollie combines all common payment solutions under one roof. The big advantage for shop owners: a simple system that offers all possibilities with only one contact person. In addition, Mollie can score points with fast onboarding and flexible contracts without fixed terms or fixed costs.

“We have marketing and sales departments for about three years in the Benelux countries and only since this year in Germany. This was simply not necessary before, because Mollie quickly made the rounds by word of mouth“. ‒ Aleah Belluga, Senior Partner Manager at Mollie

Mollie also works with many partners from all over the world. In the German-speaking region alone, Mollie has gained 100 new partners since the beginning of the year. Why are partners so important for Mollie?

“Before we start into new markets, we get a sound overview. We prepare everything: from the question of which customers we want to address to relevant plug-ins and country-specific payment methods. And this is where our partners come in. We look for partners who already have experience in the respective market and support us in immersing ourselves in the new market with a good foundation.” ‒ Morten Michelsen, Senior Partner Manager at Mollie

The Mollie Partner Days as the heart of Good Cooperation

Mollie regularly organizes partner days in many different countries, where new and old partners can get their hands on the door handle and be enchanted by the Mollie employees. We are proud to be one of these partners. In the Netherlands, such partner days have been organized for a long time and on 06.09.2019 the first German Mollie partner day took place in Hamburg. Inpsyder Daniel Hüsken was there and talks about his impressions:

“Mollie partners from a wide variety of fields were present at the event. It was a small, familiar round and I felt very comfortable right from the start. Thanks to Mollie especially for the great hospitality! I had a great time and many interesting conversations. I was also very happy to meet again some of the Mollie employees I had already met at the WordCamp Europe in June 2019. Mollie showed at the Partner Day that her product has a promising future. Mollie’s strength lies in the fact that her system integrates many payment methods. It also offers support for WooCommerce”. ‒ Daniel Hüsken, Project Owner at Inpsyde

We can look forward to many more partner events in Germany in 2020 ‒ where exactly will be announced in the future.

Mollie as New Work pioneer

Mollie and Inpsyde have more in common than just a great partnership! We both set a high value on a modern working culture. Because: New Work and digitization are part of the recipe for the success of a good company. Inpsyde therefore works completely remote. Mollie also relies on flexible working hours and an informal working environment and thus promotes the freedom of its employees.

“Mollies” work at various locations in Europe. How is the work organized in such a company?

“We have our headquarters in Amsterdam, but we also work in local teams at a location on site. Mollie also offers employees the freedom to work from home. Our offices are designed as coworking spaces. Everyone can decide which floor or table they want to work on and off they go. So, that’s all very uncomplicated at our company. We also have a large break room where we can meet. Every lunchtime, there is healthy, fresh food and also cereal bars and fruit for the hunger in between.” ‒ Aleah Belluga, Senior Partner Manager at Mollie

Mollie break room

“The working atmosphere is super pleasant. Working hours are regulated flexibly. Communication is mainly digital via video calls and Slack. We don’t have rolling file cabinets or anything like that, because we don’t have any paper. Everyone is very careful to work well together and there is a friendly and relaxed tone. That’s not only fun, it’s also efficient.” ‒ Morten Michelsen, Senior Partner Manager at Mollie

Working Place Mollie
Working at Mollie
How do you convince as a young company in the financial sector? You cultivate a relaxed working atmosphere. Is that a disadvantage when dealing with customers?

“On the contrary. Many partners and customers perceive us as a great company precisely because of our modern way of working. They think it’s good that we have a slightly different corporate culture and a casual appearance. Most of our customers have a similar culture. It’s not the clothes that do the business, it’s the people. The fact that we fully support this philosophy is also well received by our customers and partners. I believe that, in general, a lot will change in this respect in Germany over the next few years.” ‒ Morten Michelsen, Senior Partner Manager at Mollie

Where can I find Mollie for WooCommerce?

The plugin for WordPress WooCommerce can be downloaded here or via the Plugins section in the WordPress backend. On this login page, you can create a new Mollie account. After the successful login, an individual API key is issued, which is entered in the plugin settings in order to establish a connection to Mollie.