New: MultilingualPress 3 – Plugin for a multilingual WordPress

MultilingualPress 3
MultilingualPress 3 sets new standards in the matter of a multilingual WordPress!

MultilingualPress 3 is the latest generation of our plugin for multilingual WordPress websites; in fact we have completely redesigned the plugin to create this new version. Find out here what’s changed and where you can download the new version.

MultilingualPress 3 to become the Pro version

The new version of our plugin for multilingual websites runs parallel to our MultilingualPress Version 2 solution as an add-on product. In contrast to MultilingualPress 2, which is free, Version 3 is a paid plugin. Some important information first: Version 2 will remain free in the future, but we will no longer actively develop that version except for necessary security updates! Everyone can download it from We will also continue to offer Premium Support for MultilingualPress Version 2. However, who wants to stay up to date in terms of MultilingualPress and multilingualism in WordPress, should buy MultilingualPress 3.

Why we don’t offer MultilingualPress for free anymore? The business model didn’t work. We want to support multilingualism in WordPress. So, if we want to further develop MultilingualPress, we need developers – in fact, the best. At the moment, we have 3 developers taking care of MultilingualPress almost exclusively, a project manager looking after the organization of everything and a support team answering all client questions about MultilingualPress. Indeed, Inpsyders like working for the WordPress community, but all shall get fair wages for their work. If we didn’t make a paid plugin out of version 3, it would be very difficult to further develop MultilingualPress 3 and offer a professional support.

For the users, it’s a win-win-situation: They need to pay dues, but they get a comprehensive solution with reliable support which can be used in the enterprise segment, too. And we can assure that we develop and support MultilingualPress for many years to come.

MultilingualPress 3 can be purchased at In addition, WooCommerce also markets our multilingual solution (link to marketplace), as the developers behind the world’s favorite e-commerce system are big fans of our solution for multilingual WordPress websites.

Comparison between MultilingualPress Free and MultilingualPress Pro

In recent months, one of our teams of developers completely refactored Version 2 with the aim of improving modularity and performance, and also resolving some longstanding issues present in the version. They have upgraded MultilingualPress by recoding it in PHP 7. In essence, MultilingualPress 3 works exactly like MultilingualPress 2: the multilingual plugin runs on the basis of WordPress Multisite. As before, you can interlink individual language pages so that visitors to your site can easily switch from one language to another. It is still just a matter of interlinking the different language versions of your posts and sub-pages. The main improvements relate to the basic architecture, construction, modularity, scope for future expansion, and the quality of the code.

These present several advantages. For example, MultilingualPress 3 features an improved, more intuitive user interface. Furthermore, MultilingualPress 3 is compatible with the Gutenberg Editor, while MultilingualPress 2 is not.

Moreover we made MultilingualPress more compatible with the most popular e-commerce system of the world, WooCommerce. Now, MultilingualPress 3 supports the translation of custom post types, slugs and taxonomies.

MultilingualPress 3 is more compatible with WooCommerce.

There are already plans for further modules for the new generation of MultilingualPress. With its improved coding standards, Version 3 will only be available as a Pro version. We expect to implement an automated migration option for those switching from Version 2 to Version 3. However, this will not be immediately available.

Take a closer look at Version 3 of our plugin for multilingual WordPress websites

MultilingualPress v3


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