osDXP Multilingual for the Open Source Digital Experience Platform

OsDXP Multilingual is the multilingual solution for the Open Source Digital Experience Platform (osDXP), an Open Source framework for the creation of a Digital Experience Platform designed to deliver next level innovation and customization for the enterprise.

We are very excited to see one of our favorite projects face the world, as the Open Source Digital Experience Platform is open to the public now. Our team and a sophisticated group of partners have worked alongside to make this project happen for the open-source community around WordPress –  building a truly Open Source Framework for the creation of a Digital Experience Platform. And we are also very proud to have contributed our own module for multilingualism: osDXP Multilingual.

What is Digital Experience?

Digital Experience has become a term of increasing popularity in the enterprise world and it is relevant more than ever. But what does it actually mean?

Companies face huge and diverse challenges in their digital communication and marketing. They need to communicate with their target audiences across multiple channels, orchestrating and integrating their efforts to deliver consistent messages and create a seamless digital customer experience.

They use a bunch of tools and solutions to do so. But those tools and single solutions have built silos and boundaries because they don’t integrate with each other very well.

Digital Experience, as we see it, is a framework that enables companies to use tools and services that are well-tailored to each other ‒ to cross those boundaries and create a seamless experience – for both, users and customers.

Open Source DXP for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most trusted Content Management Systems (CMS). Over 34.7% of the websites in the web rely on WordPress. Within the CMS market, it reaches a share of 61.5%. And if we look at the top 10k websites, we even see those sites are using WordPress with a share of nearly 38%.

But enterprises often use WordPress only for smaller projects. There are, of course, leading companies out there that built impressive professional solutions with the help of specialized WordPress agencies – but most of the WordPress enterprise websites are not this category. One of the reasons for that is the lack of some experience features other CMSs or Platforms offer.

osDXP is a truly open source project and wants to make the digital experience accessible for enterprises with WordPress and provide a framework to overcome boundaries of singular solutions.

In this way, it is possible to use WordPress as a holistic system for content and communication management. For example by enabling the creation of content in multiple languages and the distribution of those based on behavioral targeting or user segmentation.

For more in-depth information read the official introduction on osdxp.org: Introducing osDXP to the WordPress Community, a new approach to the creation of an Open Source, digital experience platform.

Features of osDXP

  • Clean WordPress Backend without Notifications or Advertising
  • Centralized License Management for Modules
  • Page Building
  • Multilinguality
  • Conditional Content Distribution
  • Progressive Profiling
  • And many more to come

OsDXP is a great opportunity to shape how
enterprises use the CMS in the future.

Alexander Frison, CEO of Inpsyde

And as we are deeply rooted in the Open Source community since more than 13 years of company history, we know the huge benefits that come from contribution. We are happy to finally invite the community to the osDXP project!

Introducing osDXP Multilingual

We think it is a critical need for enterprises that use osDXP to have the ability of worldwide communication right from the start. To make this vision happen, we have contributed to the osDXP project and built osDXP Multilingual, our fully integrated multilingual solution.

osDXP Multilingual by Inpsyde
osDXP Multilingual ‒ create your multilingual user experience

The osDXP Module is directly available from the backend of the osDXP.

Contribution to osDXP

Together with Crowd Favorite, Beaver Builder, Gravity Forms, and many other Partners, we tried to make the vision of the osDXP happen for the WordPress community. And we are very happy that this project finally sees the light of day!

But this is just the start! The osDXP is an open-source project and open for everyone in the WordPress community who wants to contribute and build a better WordPress experience for enterprises. Just check the GitHub Repo or osdxp.org/contribute.

You can find more information about this on osdxp.org. We would be really happy to welcome new faces on board!