PayPal Partner Event 2019 in the Spirit of Digitalization

Networking at PayPal Partner Event
The PayPal Partner Event offers a great framework to connect with others and exchange ideas – it is networking at a high level. Thus, we mingled with the crowd and had a lot of fun!

For the third time, Inpsyde has been invited to the annual PayPal Partner Event in Berlin. PayPal develops innovative and user-friendly payment solutions in Germany for 15 years now. As developers of the official PayPal Plus integration for WooCommerce we’ve been working closely together with PayPal Deutschland for several years.

The PayPal Partner Event 2019 was a full success!
PayPal Partner Event 2019: Opening

Lively Exchange at the PayPal Partner Event

The PayPal Partner Event is a great opportunity to make new contacts and to cultivate acquaintances. We are always looking forward to having a face-to-face meeting with John von Karstedt, Markus Fuchs and the colleagues. Working together with them is simply fun. Also, exchange with others is always very interesting. Sometimes, even new possibilities of cooperation arise. The PayPal Partner Event offers a great framework to connect with others and exchange ideas. It is networking at a high level. Thus, we mingled with the crowd and had a lot of fun!

PayPal had also a cause for celebration since the company has been in existence in Germany for 15 years now. What has happened since then was presented in the exciting first talk of the day. One thing is for sure: PayPal has evolved and improved itself constantly and in this way, it has secured itself a significant position in the German market. We are eager to see what the future holds!

At the PayPal Partner Event 2019 it was all about progress and digitalization
Maks Giordano reporting about digital evolution at the PayPal Partner Event

Digitalization of Business Culture

The talks of the PayPal Partner Event are characterized every year by their high standard and valuable content. This year, Maks Giordano, co-founder of the agency kreait, took us with his talk “Digital innovation in exponential times” on a journey of digital evolution within the last 50ty years. Along the way, he impressively visualized the rapidly evolving digital Innovation since 2001.

At the so-called Roundtables, many current questions around PayPal, industry, ecosystems, and innovation were discussed afterward. Well-known companies like Shell, BVG, Google Pay , and iZettle were represented here. They reported about their progress within the last years regarding digitalization and gave interesting insights into their plans for the future. The subject digitalization has many perspectives and is also very important to us. Therefore, it was very exciting to hear more about the experiences and handling of digitalization from traditional and born-digital companies.

A nice finish

At the evening, the BBQ was opened. With excellent food and cold beverages, there was a lively exchange among the event guests that lasted into the late evening.

The PayPal Partner Event was great and we are proud that we were there!
Alex Frison, John von Karstedt and Sebastian Pajor at the PayPal Partner Event

Inpsyde would like to take this opportunity to give our warmest thanks for the great organization and hospitality at the PayPal Partner Event! We are looking forward to the next reunion among friends!

The future will be exciting! And we therefore look forward with particular anticipation to many more years of successful cooperation with PayPal! Our aim is to deliver more innovative solutions for WooCommerce and payment integrations to the many users of WooCommerce and WordPress.

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