Intranet with ActiveDirectory

Project Details

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“When you meet [Inp]syde you will realize very quickly that they know WordPress like the back of their hands.”

Project Lead – International Client

Important Note

For legal reasons, the company is not allowed to publish exact information about this project. Therefore we can only say that it is an international trading company. Despite the need for discretion and anonymity, the company wanted to comment on Syde and the project.

The Project

WordPress Interface and External Connection in no Time

Goal: Multilingual intranet with third-party system connection and individualized display of content

The task was to implement a solution for an intranet concerning a bilingual (German/English) information distribution with WordPress basis on a Windows IIS web server. At the same time, a connection to a Microsoft active directory for user authentication and aggregation had to be implemented. Depending on group membership, different contents needed to be authorized and displayed to logged-in staff. Especially challenging was the short implementation.

“When you meet [Inp]syde you will realize quickly that they know WordPress like the back of their hands. They can customize WordPress to customers’ needs effectively. The swift willingness to help us with our project is not to be taken for granted. Thanks a lot for your help, we will always recommend you.”

Project Lead – International Client

The Solution

Multisite Network with MultilingualPress and Customized Interface to Microsoft Active Directory

“[Inp]syde helped us install and administer WordPress on the IIS. The agency also implemented the connection to the Active Directory. The necessary implementations in the theme (default Avada) were provided by means of our own plugins, such as MultilingualPress.”

Project Lead – International Client

The Result

Intranet in Two Languages with Many Customization Options

“We are now able to distribute prompt and comprehensive information on a project-related basis to our employees worldwide in two languages via the intranet. The connection to the Active Directory, especially, allows employees to access existing access controls, and is recognized by the system. We can build up the content independently and provide it conveniently via our WordPress intranet.”

Project Lead – International Client

We recommend Syde, because …

“You notice immediately that [Inp]syde knows WordPress inside out and can effectively adapt WordPress to customer needs. The great willingness to support us in our project was evident from the start. Many thanks for your commitment. We definitely recommend you.”

Project Lead – International Client

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