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“How do I back up my WordPress installation?” BackWPup Is the Answer.

Never worry about the risk of a complete breakdown of your site again. Create regular backups automatically. BackWPup is available for free with limited functionalities for WordPress users. Professional WordPress agencies and companies can get BackWPup as a fee-based pro version with enhanced functionalities.

The entire database and all attachments are backed up. You can send it via email, load it on to your server or move it to the cloud service of your choice. BackWPup Pro comes with wizards that guide you step by step. With more than 4,700,000 downloads to date, BackWPup is among the most successful and most used backup solutions for WordPress worldwide. According to, it ranks among the top 50 WordPress plugins globally, and is by far the most popular backup plugin, with a quality rating of 8.

Functions and Features of BackWPup Pro

BackWPup Pro zeichnet sich sowohl durch eine Vielzahl an Funktionen und Speicherorte als auch durch hilfreiche Features aus. Diese sind zum Beispiel:

  • Complete database backup
  • List of all installed plugins
  • Backup archive management
  • Viele Möglichkeiten Aufträge zu starten
  • Data backups to FTP(s), Mircosoft Azure, DropBox, Amazon Glacier, Google Drive, S3 service provider, Rackspace cloud files, own SugarSync, in your own web space or upon network approval
  • Multisite support
  • Personalized Premium Support
  • Integration of dynamic documentation
  • Database verification
  • Complete file backup
  • WordPress XML export
  • Log file management
  • Log reports via email

Moreover, our BackWPup Pro wizards guarantee easy handling of our WordPress backup plugin. These are, for example, the wizard to execute a system test run, the wizard to configure backup jobs or the wizard to import settings and jobs. Of course, BackWPup Pro runs updates automatically so that you don’t have to even think about making updates. New features, which we develop continuously, are therefore integrated into your WordPress installation easily.

Video: The WordPress Backup Plugin BackWPup Pro

One of our partners created some English language videos of the installation process. You can learn more about how to set up and even execute the restores from a backup. The very first introductory video is available here:

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