Release: PayPal PLUS 2 with Express Checkout

PayPal PLUS: the perfect solution for your WooCommerce shop!
PayPal PLUS 2 not only saves your customers time and nerves but also decreases the chance of cancelled purchases!

PayPal PLUS 2 is out now! We’d like to present the current version of the plugin and show you the new express checkout button. Stay well-informed and take advantage of the new PayPal PLUS features in the most efficient way! Please note: PayPal PLUS is only available for German shops yet.

PayPal PLUS: convenient, easy, safe

PayPal PLUS offers your customers the most popular payment solutions in one single installation. Whether PayPal, credit card, debit entries or purchase on account, your customers can freely choose – even if they don’t have a PayPal account! At the same time, you manage your transactions easily and uncomplicated via a single account. Thus, you always stay on top of things!

Inpsyde: Official Developement PayPal PLUS Partner

PayPal PLUS was specially designed for WooCommerce. So, it integrates perfectly into your e-commerce shop. We developed this payment solution in close collaboration with PayPal and on behalf of them. We had the aim to ensure the highest security, smooth performance, and intuitive usability. The plugin was tested from both sides and optimized for you. Therefore, PayPal PLUS is the professional solution for your WooCommerce shop! You’d like to know more? Here you can find further information.

New: Express Checkout Button!

The PayPal express checkout button enables your shop customers to complete their purchase in an easy and fast way. The express button will redirect them to PayPal. After login and choice of the desired payment method and delivery address, this information is going to be transmitted to your shop. Thus, address and payment data won’t have to be entered again into the checkout form of your site. This not only saves your customers time and nerves but also decreases the chance of canceled purchases. Whether via desktop or mobile: Anyone who wants to quickly get your products can buy them in just a few clicks! This is simply great, isn’t it?

The new PayPal PLUS Express Checkout Button makes shopping much more comfortable
Express checkout button at mini cart

You don’t think so? No worries! You can disable or adapt the express checkout feature to your personal needs at any time in the WooCommerce settings. Should the button be integrated into the single product pages, in the cart or the mini cart? In each of these places? Or not at all? It’s your choice! You can even adjust the color, shape, and label of the button. Keep your flexibility with PayPal PLUS!