Sedat Beşer QA Automation Engineer

I feel great when I think about the working conditions, communication between colleagues, flat hierarchy, and remote work at Inpsyde.

Sedat lives in Izmir, Turkey, a beautiful Aegean city that has stood since ancient times.

Sunrise landscape view of old Mardin city,a popular city for locals and tourist and located in southeastern of Turkey.

How would you describe yourself?

I am Sedat. I was born in Mardin, a very ancient city in southern Turkey, which has been a cradle to many civilizations—I currently live in Izmir, a father of two kids and a cat.

A man who doesn’t love being alone is how you can describe me; although it is not the best definition, it’s fairly close enough to tell you something about me. To be honest, I love what I do. No matter what it is. I always try to enjoy the moment in my work and social life.

How do you spend your spare time?

Learning something – more or less – constantly at work and in my normal life motivates me for what I have done. For example, I have two kids and learn about fatherhood daily. Oh my god, these kids are also hitting puberty.

I love watching documentaries- especially the ones produced by the BBC. Planet Earth is my favorite.

What is important to you?

I like adding value to the lives of people around me, helping them, and making them happy if possible.

Sedat’s way to Inpsyde

I was always interested in IT, and before being a professional QA Engineer, I did manual tests and gave feedback. But you know, there is no stop to the learning journey. So I tried hard to improve myself and created a network of friends and colleagues. Finally, I found Inpsyde, which makes me feel great when I think about the working conditions, communication between colleagues, the flat hierarchy, and remote work.

Why was Inpsyde interesting for you?

In the IT  industry, you must constantly improve yourself, so I always try to expand my knowledge with extra courses, sources, books, and videos. In short, anything that helps me build my skills.

I love being a QA because, as a team, we do our best to achieve our tasks. Each employee has a different viewpoint and does things in their own way. But the beauty is bringing all these together to do great jobs. And I believe we are doing this in Inpsyde.

What do you especially like about your new job?

The culture of Inpsyde greatly appeals to me. I love how we can reach each employee, including the C level. Everybody is doing their job and their best to help if needed.

Questions to Inpsyder Sedat

We asked Sedat a few personal questions to learn more about him:

Sedat Beşer

What was the last book you read?

What was the best advice you ever got? Who gave it to you?

What do you like most about your city?

Deception Point – Dan Brown.

Thanks to Alex’s father, who gave him one of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard. I always keep it in mind: “Make your hobby your profession, and you will never work again!”

I love Boyoz (a yeast–free pastry identified with Izmir’s taste) and the sea.

What is your favorite smartphone app?

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it gives me a chance to take notes.

What is the best meal you can cook on your own?

I think I can cook anything if I am in the mood.

By the way: The Syde Team is 100% remote

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