We are WooExperts – Only verified WooCommerce Expert in Germany

Inpsyde is the only verified WooExpert in Germany. Our agency realizes projects and products based on WooCommerce and WordPress for over 14 years.


This article was published in January 2016 and last updated in April 2020.

The WooExperts program started in October 2015. It is a program that links the biggest WooCommerce experts worldwide in one network. WooCommerce itself nominates the WooExperts. This way, the software company gathers carefully chosen, highly specialized experts who have proven their knowledge about WooCommerce products. The certification aims to help companies, that want to implement a WooCommerce online shop, to easier find a qualified partner. And Inpsyde is part of this program since the very beginning and is the only verified WooCommerce expert agency in Germany. 

We only consider companies as potential WooExperts after working with them on a client project, during community involvement, or on WooCommerce core contributions.


We are the only verified WooCommerce Expert Agency in Germany.

Like no other WordPress agency, we capitalize on WooCommerce as an online shop system. Because of our expertise in multilingualism, we can professionally create an online shop with more than one language. Another of our daily businesses is the creation of interfaces to third-party systems such as SAP, as we build high-level shops in the enterprise segment with several hundred thousand products or orders.

In close cooperation with the WooThemes Core developers we prove our code quality again and again. To this date (April 2020), we are the only WooExpert agency in Germany being verified by WooCommerce itself. You’re interested in an overview of WooExperts worldwide? Then we can recommend you the WooCommerce’s list of WooExperts.

  • Moreover we developed WooCommerce German Market together with MarketPress as the first solution for the German market.
  • We have already implemented numerous reference projects; some of them with multilingual support. See our references.
  • Of course, we also support WordPress and WooCommerce events and provided manpower for the translation of WooCommerce’s de-version.
  • As we develop plugins like the official Mollie Payments for WooCommerce, we constantly gain more expertise in the field of WooCommerce online shops.
Inpsyde — the only verified WooCommerce Expert Agency in Germany

For each and every Inpsyder the verification is a motivation to put even more effort into WooCommerce projects. It’s just the same as with our nomination for the WordPress VIP partner, of which we’re very proud. So, we don’t do everything – but everything we do is good.