We are Official WooCommerce Theme Reviewers

We are happy to announce that Inpsyde is the official Theme Reviewer for the WooCommerce Extension Store. Thus, we ensure that the official WooCommerce Themes meet state-of-the-art code, usability, security as well as UI & UX Design standards.

Our Mission as WooCommerce Theme Reviewers

Since April 2020, Inpsyde is the official Theme Reviewer for all Themes available at the Woocommerce Extensions Store. The WooCommerce Extensions Store lists all official extensions to customize WooCommerce stores, including Plugins and Themes.

We check all Themes for code quality, functionality, usability and security as well as UI & UX Design. In this way, we ensure that users get the best ready-to-use Themes for their money. Since we pursue code and usability standards that we have established and tested over many years, we help make these Themes easy maintainable and meet state-of-the-art standards. 

The WooCommerce Extensions Store offers a wide range of useful extentions to customize your online shop

WooCommerce & Inpsyde

By empowering everyone to create an online store, WooCommerce pursues the goal of democratizing commerce. We shared this mission from the very beginning. 

Founded in 2006, the Inpsyde team has gained many years of experience with sophisticated WordPress and WooCommerce projects. That’s how we became verified WooExperts and WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partner. Now, we want to use our knowledge to support the WooCommerce ecosystem as Theme Reviewers and make sure that users get Themes that provide the highest quality.