Syde Rebrand: WordCamp Asia 2024

In the world of WordPress, there’s a special time of the year that sends excitement through the global community β€” the much-anticipated arrival of WordCamp! This year, the excitement began in the vibrant city of Taipei. 

After the success of WordCamp Asia in Thailand last year, anticipation soared as WordPress enthusiasts worldwide looked forward to the 2nd Flagship WordCamp in the region. 

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[Inp]Syde at WordCamp Asia 2023

The event turned out to be a success! WordCamp Asia 2024 highlighted the growing enthusiasm in the WordPress community, with 1300+ in-person attendees from 70+ countries and 110 new contributors.

Much like other WordCamp events, our green team was keen to dive into action. We attend these events globally to interact with other WordPress enthusiasts, share insights, and contribute to the platform’s collective knowledge. 

For me, a first-time attendee, the excitement was palpable from the moment I stepped foot into the venue! Sponsored booths with fun games and activities, inspiring talks, and lots of enthusiastic WordPress fans filled the place.

As someone who had only heard about WordCamps from afar, the experience of attending for the first time was nothing short of exhilarating. The energy was contagious, and I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the passionate discussions and shared enthusiasm for WordPress.

This year, our team was particularly excited to participate, being the debut appearance following a strategic rebrand from Inpsyde to Syde, where we simplified and optimized our brand identity to better reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation in WordPress development. 

Our mission at WordCamp Asia 2024 was clear: to introduce our new brand, Syde. Throughout the event, we had the privilege to do just that! We networked with fellow WordPress enthusiasts, engaged in meaningful conversations about the future of WordPress, and actively promoted our rebranding efforts to other attendees.

In addition, reflecting the Syde value of  β€œOpen Heart, Open Mind, & Open Source” our own Bernhard Kau also joined the Contributor Day as a table lead for the Meta table.

The response to our rebrand was overwhelmingly positive! Many attendees appreciated the clarity and accessibility of our new name and also expressed excitement about the new direction of the agency along with our projects and services.

We also had the chance to ask attendees from various countries and backgrounds for their thoughts on our new name and rebranding campaign, here’s what they had to say:

All in all, WordCamp Asia 2024 was a fantastic start to introduce our new identity and reaffirm our dedication to providing exceptional solutions to the WordPress community.

It has been a pleasure connecting with everyone in WordCamp Asia, and we can’t wait to show off our new green shirts at upcoming WordCamp events; see you in Torino!

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