Backup Plugin GDPR compliant? Clear Yes for BackWPup PRO

Make your WordPress backup plugin GDPR compliant with BackWPup.

With the new encryption feature which we integrated into BackWPup PRO 3.6, the backups of your WordPress website are GDPR compliant.

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not stop at backups. Because when you create a backup of your website, you store the personal data being on your website. So, how to deal with backups? Where do you get a GDPR compliant backup plugin? What do you have to take care of when choosing a backup plugin? We have answers for all these questions. The PRO version of our WordPress backup plugin BackWPup is GDPR compliant since version 3.6. And shh: Until June 22nd, 2018, we have a 20% discount on all our BackWPup PRO licences! But we’ll come to that later. First of all we take a look at the new feature which makes our WordPress backup plugin GDPR compliant.

BackWPup PRO 3.6 GDPR compliant

With the encryption feature which is now implemented in the PRO version of our backup plugin, you can encrypt your WordPress backup. Let us explain why this is a very useful thing.

When you create a backup of your website, you also store personal data of your website visitors. (You think that’s weird? Take a look at our documentation about BackWPup, Backups and GDPR.) Well, you have to store a backup somewhere – popular backup destinations are Google Drive or similar cloud providers. However, in case someone has access to your backup destination, that person can read all data of your backup easily. That means externals get access to the personal data of your website visitors being stored in your backup. Therefore, unencrypted backups are a security leak.

The encryption feature we implemented into BackWPup PRO 3.6 solves this problem. PRO users can now add an encryption for each backup job. That means all backups which you created with that job, are encrypted with a certain process. For that process you need a key which you create before the encryption process and which you store at a safe place. The key makes your data unreadable. Moreover you need the key to decrypt your data.

Our BackWPup developers integrated two different processes which you can use to encrypt your backups with BackWPup, a symmetric and an asymmetric process which works with one or two keys. What these processes are about is a topic we further explain in our documentation How to encrypt backups before upload?

BackWPup PRO Licences with 20% discount until June 22nd, 2018!

Round about one month ago, we implemented the long desired restore feature into the PRO version of our WordPress backup plugin. That means: Less stress in case your website crashes, because you get your website back within a few clicks now. However, there are more reasons to consider when deciding between the FREE and the PRO version of our WordPress backup plugin.

  • BackWPup PRO has several assistants which make the use of our plugin even easier. For example they help with system tests, to create backup jobs or to import settings and jobs.
  • With BackWPup PRO you can store your backups on Google Drive and Amazon Glacier.
  • You get premium support from the BackWPup developers directly.
  • Take a look at all differences between BackWPup PRO and BackWPup Free.

make a backup plugin gdpr compiant - BackWPup PRO
On each BackWPup PRO licence model – from the standard licence with one domain to the agency licence with up to 100 domains – you get 20% discount! You can get the discounted licences until June 22nd, 2018. To buy one of the licences, simply go to our BackWPup PRO online shop where the discount is already noted.

Our backup plugin has already been dowloaded more than 6 million times. Do you want to get the encryption feature for GDPR compliant WordPress backups? Do you want to get the uncomplicated restore feature? More than 600,000 active users are convinced of our WordPress backup solution. Do you want to be a part of them?

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