WordPress Content Analytics with Parse.ly

What is Content Analytics?

Content analytics refers to the measurement and monitoring of metrics like traffic and engagement on websites, blogs, and other content formats. Content intelligence is essential for anyone publishing content online. Data-driven measurement of existing content’s success is just as important as using analytics tools to identify the potential of new areas and content ideas.

Why do I need Content Analytics?

Track Success

Content is evaluated according to specific metrics. Track which content, categories, authors, and formats are performing best and on which channels!

Uncover Potential

Content analytics tools show which topics and keywords potential customers are currently searching for in real- time. Adapt your content strategy to current trends!

Optimize Content

Existing content must be kept up to date. Content analytics tools will inform you in time about SEO deficiencies and make optimization suggestions.

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What content analytics tools are out there?

Many companies use free Google products for their content analysis. Google Analytics and Search Console can collect website traffic and other metrics. These statistics can then be processed with Google Data Studio and presented in dashboards and reports. Specialized content analytics tools simplify these processes.

What is Parse.ly?

Our partners at Parse.ly offer the ideal content analytics tool for companies. Especially large newsrooms and content teams that produce a lot of content with many different authors benefit from Parse.ly. Companies that use Parse.ly achieve, on average:

  • +105% more subscribers
  • +65% more pageviews
  • +400% of daily newsletter subscribers
  • +300% more distribution of their content

What are the benefits of using Parse.ly?

Parse.ly’s slogan “Content Analytics made easy” sums it up. Parse.ly is much easier to set up, navigate, and understand than Google Analytics. Even content creators or journalists who are otherwise not very technically literate will have no problems tracking the success of their content with Parse.ly.

Web Analytics vs. Content Analytics

Since Parse.ly is not a general web analytics solution but specifically tailored to content teams, the tool exclusively offers industry-specific metrics and features.

For example, the “Engaged Time” metric shows how long visitors were active on the content. You can also combine visitor statistics for a piece of content across multiple channels. Parse.ly’s mission for the future is to continue to develop the product and to be one of the most active innovators in the content analytics industry.

Is Parse.ly WordPress compatible?

Yes! Parse.ly and Syde, the largest WordPress agency in Europe, have cooperated since 2021.

So companies that work with WordPress have come to the right place with Parse.ly. Ask our WordPress experts how the Parse.ly integration works best!