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You could be missing out if you still see WordPress as a CMS for small businesses and bloggers. WordPress has long been established at the enterprise level as well. Over 34% of the top 10,000 websites, including main sites of large companies, use WordPress as a content management system.

These businesses rely on WordPress

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Why businesses rely on WordPress

WordPress enables companies to create a digital experience for their audience. The world’s most popular CMS combines everything large corporations need to stay competitive in today’s digitized markets: state-of-the-art experience management, hosting, cloud, and development services.

Digital Experience with WordPress

Content Management System

Scalable, high-performance, and highly secure websites and e-commerce solutions.

Experience Management

Digital Experiences with responsive forms, AI-powered search, personalized content, automated workflows, analytics, and more.

Hosting, Cloud & Development

State-of-the-art standards in web security, content delivery networks, 24/7 support, automated testing and code reviews, and high-performance hosting.


Big Businesses have different security requirements than smaller publishers. WordPress offers this level of security. Never has an updated version of the WordPress core fallen victim to a serious exploit. Security vulnerabilities occur when the wrong plugins or themes are installed. WordPress agencies can advise on choosing the right extensions.

Cost advantages and no lock-in effects

Most other CMS require license fees. Companies that rely on WordPress save themselves these costs. The total cost of ownership is generally lower with WordPress than with other CMS solutions for large businesses.

Moreover, a business will never become dependent on a particular vendor or agency with WordPress. Because WordPress is open-source, there are no artificial lock-in effects and companies always retain control.

The world’s largest open-source project

90% of companies rely on open source technologies. WordPress is the largest open source project in the world. Open source allows businesses complete flexibility, freedom, and customizability.

The WordPress ecosystem is constantly growing. In addition to the innovations that regularly emerge, businesses thus also benefit from the wide range of potential WordPress developers and agencies.


In large businesses, not every employee is tech literate. The mission of WordPress from the beginning was to democratize the publishing process. The goal of creating a content management system that is easy to use for everyone has been achieved. An advantage from which many businesses benefit today.

Flexible and expandable

Large corporations need CMS solutions that are precisely tailored to business requirements. WordPress adapts to new technologies thanks to the many plugins, and market developments are easy and fast.

Built for the future

The long-lasting ecosystem makes WordPress the ideal CMS for businesses. Automattic’s Core Team also constantly maintains and improves WordPress. So the CMS will remain a powerful and modern system in the future.

You want us to create your WordPress experience?

WordPress features for large businesses

Businesses benefit from these WordPress features

Content Personalization

Personalized content for every visitor. 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning unleash the true power of search.


Modern and flexible headless architecture.


Results of work and analyses are directly visible. 


Multivariate testing for content optimization.

Onboarding & Support

Our dedicated support team enables individual onboarding and technical support.


No limits on WordPress customization. 

Single Sign On

User management in a single, central directory.


Collaboration among employees.

Audit Logs

We provide detailed audit logs to admins.

Content governance and role-based access control

 Privileges can be divided according to user roles.

Modification management

Version Control and Revisions.

Product safety

Our own strict code, code reviews, and quality assurance create security by default.


We balance data security concerns and application overhead with flexible deployment options.


As a headless CMS and via a REST API, WordPress ensures the greatest possible data portability and connections to applications and systems.

Analytics and Reporting

Reports for our clients to prove the value realized by the project.

Support and SLA

We are there for you. 24/7 worldwide.

DSGVO compliant

Our solutions comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.