Madeira Calling: Syde’s Team Meetup 2023 is Here!

Get ready for another fun workation adventure with Syde.

With over 130 employees spread across the globe, Syde has thrived in the digital world as one of the leading remote companies for over a decade. One of the secret recipes for this success is our company values promoting tolerance and teamwork as its core foundations.

This is why once a year, we like to break the virtual barriers and come together for a truly special occasion where Syders from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures are brought together to bridge the distances that separate us throughout the year. 

This year, we’re taking our annual team meeting to the enchanting island of Madeira, Portugal.

A Taste of Madeira Work Getaway: What’s in Store?

Nestled in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is a tropical paradise known for its lush landscapes and vibrant culture. Its year-round sunshine creates the ideal setting for our global team to come together and enjoy a fantastic week from October 1st to 7th, 2023. 

Our journey begins on Sunday evening as Syders worldwide come together for a rooftop BBQ party at our hotel. With the ocean as our backdrop, it’s the perfect opportunity for colleagues to bond and connect before our official week kicks off on Monday.

Syders come from all over the world

Once Monday arrives, our week delves into the heart of innovation. Workshops become the hub of creativity as we explore fresh collaboration approaches to deliver innovative solutions and services, and strengthen connections among Syders, both within and across teams. 

The 3-day workshops encompass diverse subjects and formats, from technical and non-technical topics to personal anecdotes and flash talks shared by Syders. Notably, these are hybrid workshops, allowing remote participation and ensuring inclusivity for those who can’t attend in person.

But our daytime in Madeira offers more than just workshops! Syde and our event organizer, Big Blue Adventures, have curated engaging team-building activities thoughtfully crafted to cultivate bonds and teamwork among Syders.

At the end of the week, Syders will get to choose among various exhilarating activities, from kayaking and surfing to hiking, and much more. It’s a great chance for Syders to appreciate Madeira’s natural wonders, all while fostering stronger team bonds.

Evenings will be a time for Syders to come together for delightful dinners at local restaurants. These gatherings allow the team to savor the culinary treasures of Madeira while sharing stories and connecting with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

Overall, our week in Madeira isn’t just an event; it’s a journey that will inspire us, nurture our connections, and fuel our passion for what we do. We asked some team members about their expectations, and here’s what they had to say: 

Carmen Maymo, Spain

“The plane descends, revealing an ever-changing green landscape. Words in dozens of languages fall like raindrops. There are hugs, faces filled with surprise, music, dances, food, and jumps. Moments of intensity, leaps of faith, and newfound collaborations arise. Over hot chocolate, conversations turn to programming and the mundane. Faces replace images. Green shirts dot the horizon, overlooking the sea.”

Kevin Lalang, Indonesia

“I am ecstatic that this year Syde decided to hold another annual meeting where we can gather together in one place. After last year’s in Barcelona, I am most excited to finally meet my colleagues again and learn and bond together in Madeira.

Last year was my first annual meeting and it was great! We got to do a lot of activities that made us align with the vision that Syde has as a company. We talked, shared, and dined together for a week straight and it felt like a complete recharge after working remotely for a year. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity! Needless to say, the annual meeting is a moment we all have been waiting for!”

Amber Tanurhan, Turkey

“I couldn’t attend last year’s team meeting which I was sad about but happy that I can attend the one in Madeira!  I am looking forward to meeting all my teammates and everyone from the company. I’m also looking forward to the workshops. Working alongside all the talented people and with that I am excited about exploring Madeira with everyone, going on hikes, and seeing the beautiful island, the views, and the scenery. Taking lots of photos, having lots of laughs, and happy memories that I will keep forever. I am very thankful to Syde for providing such a fantastic opportunity like this!  Go green!”

Francis Emvula, Namibia

“I’m very thankful to Syde for this great opportunity to meet so many of my colleagues in person for the first time. I expect plenty of laughter, hard work, team building, and what I’m looking forward to the most, food!”

Ilma Andrade, Brazil

“Building and nurturing relationships within our team is vital to our success. I hope to connect with colleagues I’ve only interacted with virtually until now. Establishing these personal connections can greatly enhance our collaboration and teamwork moving forward. Safe travels to everyone, and I look forward to seeing you soon!”

From Barcelona to Madeira: The Adventure Carries On! 

As we eagerly anticipate our Madeira adventure, let’s take a moment to reflect on the highlights of our previous team meeting in Barcelona, Spain. 

Last year we celebrated milestones, learned from one another, and formed bonds that continue to drive our success through workshops and various team-building activities.

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Check out our fun in Barcelona!

The energy, achievements, and camaraderie we experienced set the bar high, and we’re very excited to build on that foundation in Madeira! 

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