Syde’s Madeira Meetup 2023: A Week of Unity, Learning, and Adventure

Inpsyders from all over the world joined up in Madeira for a week of learning, adventures, and building strong friendships. Explore the power of meeting in person on this beautiful island!

In a world connected by screens and cables, bringing together a global team to a single place for a week of shared experiences is more challenging than herding cats. For the first week of October, Syders from all corners of the world converged on the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal, for a week that transcended borders and stoked the spirit of unity.

“Amazing teamwork and bonding experience!”

Ploypailin Pungvongsanur

A Picture-Perfect Start

The meetup was inaugurated with a spectacular rooftop BBQ party at our oceanfront hotel on a serene Sunday evening. With the vast Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop, laughter, music, and a shared sense of anticipation filled the air as colleagues mingled, forming connections that shaped the week ahead.

Diving into Innovation

The heart of the meetup was a series of 3-day workshops that covered a wide range of topics. In these sessions, Syders delved into technical intricacies, engaged in discussions on non-technical subjects, and enjoyed personal anecdotes shared by fellow team members. These workshops were designed to be inclusive, allowing participation both on-site and remotely.

Workshops across teams allowed Syders to define the behaviors and values they wanted to see within the company, fostering better understanding and collaboration. Parallel sessions covered various topics, from technical insights to developer improvement.

Building Stronger Bonds

It wouldn’t be Syde’s annual team meetup without many team-building events after all the hard work! In the afternoons, Syders got to enjoy activities such as a Poncha-making competitions and Catamaran boat tours.

“It was a fun experience for our team to mix Poncha – the traditional cocktail of Madeira. Excitingly, the judges decided ours was the best. This was surprising because half of our team was not even drinking alcoholic beverages. But we still managed to find the right balance between sweet and sour.

Marcus Burk

“Crafting Poncha in Madeira was definitely not just following a recipe. It was an artful fusion of flavors that harmonized with the soul of this island.”

Nicole Titus

Evenings of Delight and Connection

Each day concluded with delightful dinners at local restaurants. Syders savored Madeira’s culinary treasures while sharing stories, experiences, and laughter creating relaxation, and genuine connections among participants.

“The breathtaking views, out of this world…the view from everywhere in Madeira is breathtaking. I can sit there forever and look out into the horizon.”

Jamie Ong

Exploring Madeira’s Beauty

A big part of the Meetup is sharing multiple experiences that become cherished memories for Syders. Where the choice is left up to each participant, from extreme adventures to more relaxed settings, Syders explored their preferred activity and the island thanks to the great organization of Big Blue Adventures. Madeira’s natural wonders became our playground. These adventures not only celebrated the island’s splendor but also deepened the bonds among colleagues.

“I would say it was an amazing experience. We had a great instructor, the waves were good, and even though it was really exhausting, it was also a ton of fun and really rewarding when you managed to stand up on the board. Except for the nosedives into the pebbles.”

Lisa Emvula

“The experience was fun thanks to an engaging guide and the right balance between relaxation and effort.”

Giovanni Valentinis

“The jeep tour was amazing!! We got picked up in like 15 different jeeps, which took us to the top of the mountains. On our first stop, we did the basket ride tour. It was just like a roller-coaster going down the hill with a wonderful view of the ocean and the city. After that, we continued going higher in the mountains and had a beautiful walk to a viewpoint. We finished this amazing day with an incredible wine tasting and lunch in the middle of the mountains. It was an awesome day!”

Francisca Soto

“Madeira’s trails reveal more than majestic views; they unveil the wanderer’s spirit hidden within us all.”

Charisse Tubaña

A Lasting Impact

Syde’s Team Meetup 2023 in Madeira was a multifaceted journey of discovery, unity, and shared experiences. It transcended the boundaries of a typical corporate event, leaving a lasting impact on all who participated. The memories created, the connections forged, and the inspiration gained stand as a testament to Syde’s unique culture and vision.

Syde by Big Blue

“It was Magnificent in Madeira! It was amazing to see the island up from the hills down to the shore, have a bite of its pastel and a sip of poncha, and see locals from Carreiros do Monte to Mercado dos Lavradores. Obrigado!”

Onin Lorente

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